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A must read for all Beliebers and Directioners….and Those who are not in interest of them.


ATTENTION! This Context Containts Strong and Abusive Language! Read at OWN RISK!

Well, here it is! Our first “provocative” post some may say, but at least we mean it. As we tried to get our readers to name a theme for our first blogpost we got examples such as “Socialism” “The New Deal” and so on. A matter a fact, this is great history and facts to know, but we’re not school teachers. Therefore we decided to write about something that concerned our readers! We then ended up with a big shot title “Directioners vs Beliebers!”

First, for those of you who does not know what a belieber nor a directioner is, read further for a brief explanation!

Belieber(s) – because there are so god damn many of them…

The word “Belieber” is referring to a person, wether it is a boy or girl who are fanatically obsessed with the…

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