Beliebers VS Directioners!

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ATTENTION! This Context Containts Strong and Abusive Language! Read at OWN RISK!

Well, here it is! Our first “provocative” post some may say, but at least we mean it. As we tried to get our readers to name a theme for our first blogpost we got examples such as “Socialism” “The New Deal” and so on. A matter a fact, this is great history and facts to know, but we’re not school teachers. Therefore we decided to write about something that concerned our readers! We then ended up with a big shot title “Directioners vs Beliebers!”

First, for those of you who does not know what a belieber nor a directioner is, read further for a brief explanation!

Belieber(s) – because there are so god damn many of them…

The word “Belieber” is referring to a person, wether it is a boy or girl who are fanatically obsessed with the popular singer “Justin Bieber”. There is both proof and enough goodwill to believe that these people would to anything for this “fantastic boy” who sings from his blue, cold oh let me rephrase it; Ice cold heart.


There are so many definitions for these special, little, annoyingly creepy, disgusting humanbeings or should I say robots? I honestly don’t know what to think about them, because when re-making the same .GIFS or pictures over and over again is found to be amusing there is nothing left to think about them. One Direction definitely have some great songs, but thinking they are god’s gift to the world is really, really wrong. This way of thinking might be explained by the age and gender of “the directioners”. 14-17 Year old girls and boys who believes there is nothing else than 1D in this world to explore. GOGO directioners.


Enough about these explanations and let’s think back to the time where good music found place and people were not “fanatic” or sickly obsessed about the artists/boybands. Surely there has been some fangroups being this crazy, but by far not in the same league as the fandoms described above.

I find it scary when I read article after article regarding fans self-harming themselves because Mr.Weeder (Justin Bieber) was caught smoking weed and only needed a beauty and a…Weed??? Lol, well let’s move on.

Both of these groups do have some good songs, but does this really make them perfect? They most likely didn’t even write the songs themselves. Therefore I keep asking myself this one simple little question, what is so _special_ about them?

What it is it that they’ve got that others doesn’t? Surely they can sing but so can my Music Teacher. We find it very special for people to become this fanatic about an artist or group that only he/her can do is sing.

Perhaps if every single “Belieber” or “directioner” spent some of their wasted precious time on something like getting to know their environment, getting to know new friends and real life experience their minds would mature a little bit and maybe realize that what they are into is both wrong and crazy.

We’re not saying that enjoying an artist or even being a huge fan of one is wrong. But the fact that they’re wanting to know what they ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper is absolutely wrong. It all boils over when they buy SAINSBURY’S WHITE Toiletpaper because “Zayn Malik” uses it.


So, on behalf of both groups/artist we are asking you all to please chill down and stop stalking them like you are doing. There is one thing they hate, and that is people like you, stalking them like predators wanting them for lunch. They do not appreciate desperatness like you do not appreciate the girl/boy who is desperate in you. So cut the bullshit and read our one and only message!

Our message to all of you beliebers and directioners is simple; Grow Up, Enjoy Music, Live your REAL Life and stay the fuck away from One Direction and Justin Bieber! It’s not good for you.

–       Freeeeebiiiiirdsssss


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