The Korean-American girl Lee Yejin, better known as Ailee!

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Hello blogreaders! Today I want to talk about this amazing girl with one of the greatest voices that debuted in 2012. Ailee wasn born in USA, more specific in Denver, Colorado on May 30 1989, but grew up in New Jersey. She finished High School in New Jersey, but dropped out of Uni to pursue her music career. In 2009 she creater her own youtube channel which is now called Aileemusic and if you want to, you can check it out here On this site you will find a lot of covers she did from other artists before starting to sing her own songs.




Ailee signed with a music company called Muzo Entertainment, but it seems like they never took her seriously and didn’t want to give her the debut she deserved, so she then moved to Korea in 2010 and wanted to start a career over there + be closer to her roots. She continued to  sing some covers (ex Beyonces Halo ) and dueting with other korean stars before her real debut in 2012, and this is where it’s starting to get interesting. She debuted with the song named “Heaven” which is written by Wheesung, and this performance took the whole Korea with storm. Everyone was so amazed by her powerful vocals and incredible rapskills and suddenly everyone got an eye for her. The song can be listened to here:

Later in 2012, 15. October she came out with an another song named “I’ll show you” which was written in English and later translated to Korean. The song is really addictive and the vocals still remains powerful as ever before. ( )

ailee I will show you


If you guys have been so nice and listened carefully through everything I’ve posted this far, I’m very happy for that. Now I wanna ask you readers some questions. What do you think about what you just heard? Why didn’t the americans want this girl to rock off the western with her musicskills? The girl is obviously talented, beautiful and a great singer, and she also is heading for America again now. Is America afraid of something new taking over their favourite stars? Is it because she is Asian? Why would anyone prefer outdated artists that is currently living on their old performances like Britney Spears and Madonna? There is so much talented people out there who doesn’t get the chance to prove themselves because they don’t have the right connections or money to do so, but still we keep finding it okey to listen on people who actually can’t sing outside studio. To me the whole music industry as we know it should be ashamed and the people that is buying it even more. The world needs people with so much passion that wants to actually bring a message through what they do instead of robbing people for money when they just mimic live when they know they really can’t sing. Ailee needs us, and the world needs people like Ailee… Please discuss this in the comments below.


– Ailee winning the prize Rising Star Award from Mnet America this year for 2012.



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