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Bell-Pepper is a healthbringer!

Every Bell-Paprika starts out as a green Bell-Pepper. As it grows and become ripe it might change it’s colour to either Red, Yellow, Orange, White or Purple.

From the left: Green, Red and Yellow Paprika.

If you go to your local store you’ll find out that the Green one is the cheaper than the other, because it is the easiest and fastest one to grow.

The cool fact about The Bell-Pepper is that it can contain up to Three times as much C-Vitamines than an ordinary sized Orange! Instead of cooking it, try to eat it raw in a salad or on top of your bread with a piece of ham or similar. This is because it’s C-vitamine value will lower as it gets heated.

Different types of Citrus fruits. Good for your health.

C-Vitamines does not produce itself and therefore we need to access it through our daily meals. Therefor you can be happy it is quite applicable to all kind of dishes.

As an addition to the high value of C-vitamines, Bell-Peppers also contains A-Vitamines which is good for your vision and skin.

At last we’re recommending this recipe so that you can gain at least some of those good C-Vitamines through Bell-Peppers!

Bell-Pepper omelet with Onion and Meat

This dish works fine as a supper meal if you include bread.

Butter or Oil

3 Chopped Onions

100 grams of Meat ( You decide, HAM is really good)

1 teaspoon of salt

1/2 teaspoon of pepper

4 eggs

1 dl water

100 grams of Grated Cheese

1 Red Bell-Pepper

1 Green Bell-Pepper

Bread with Paprika Omelet!

Enjoy your meal ! Hope this text was helpful! 🙂